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“Musical Babies” & “Sing Your Socks Off”. Weekly lively journey full of songs and music, for babies and toddlers, a fantastic introducing to music.
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Creches & Schools

Enrich your creche or school with delightful and uniquely personal music classes. Me & You Music will bring instruments and lots of wonderful songs.
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A once-off music workshop. Instruments, songs, puppets and fun all included.
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Meet Mischa

Musician, Performer, Teacher, Mum :-)

Mischa is a skilled and creative musician with a Masters in Music from Trinity College, and has also recently qualified as a Play Therapist. In addition to her work leading her early years music classes, she plays saxophone with various bands, including the renowned Jerry Fish and the Sax Sisters (Dublin’s all female saxophone quartet), furthermore she composes original music for her sister’s puppet theatre. As an active musician she always seeks to keep her classes exciting and aims to pass on her passion for music.

Founding Me & You Music, Mischa devised an unique syllabus for the early years, opening up a world of music for babies, toddlers … and their parents. Her classes delve into her own rich musical experience, and are rooted in teaching methods like Kodály/ ORFF, which are internationally recognised teaching methods for early years music training. 

Mischa also has 3 musical guinea pigs of her own, aged 9,12 & 15. 

Our Mission

“If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing.”
– Proverb 

Music Classes & Workshops are available for the age group 0-7. The classes are all about making music together and embracing the joy and fun that comes along with doing so. In our music making, my goal is always to stretch the children’s imagination, boost their confidence and challenge their creativity as we go on exciting musical journeys full of songs, movement, rhymes and games. While doing so, I playfully introduce the fundamentals of music: pitch, rhythm, pulse and melody.  The parents are involved too, and encouraged to bring the material home. 

“The smaller the child, the more easily they learn, the less they forget.”
– Zoltan Kodály

Starting with music at an early age is invaluable. Music is often referred to as a language that connects us to our roots. Long before picking up an actual instrument a child has already composed their own music and sang their own song, by stamping, clapping, dancing, playing with the rhythm of words, making wonderful sounds with their little voices and intuitively connecting to the sounds all around. Music truly is an universal language and ‘speaking’ it is a great joy, children do so effortlesly and intuitively





Musical Babies [4-16 months]

‘Musical Babies’ – these classes are as much for the parents as they are for the babies: I hope to inspire the parents to sing (more) with their babies at home and for the babies I aim to create a  lovely and very interactive musical experience every week. We do a great mix of musical activities in each class; bouncing, clapping, dancing, singing, with the use of various little instruments like shakers, tambourines and bells, props like scarves and my many puppet friends. The songs and material used during the classes is available to the parents to bring home, so that the music making can become part of daily routines.


Sing Your Socks Off  [15 months-4 years]

‘Sing your Socks off’ is a series of music classes created especially for preschoolers (1-4) and their parents. A fun way to introduce young children to the elementary building blocks of pitch and rhythm and for them to sing their way through the early years. The classes are not just designed with the children in mind, the parents are included too. By giving the parents the musical tools and repertoire of great songs/rhymes to bring home, I hope to inspire the parents to sing with their child (children loooove the sound of their parents voices, nearly as much as they love the sound of their own!). So get involved and sing your socks off at home, in the car, walking behind the pram, rocking your child etc ! As a parent recently commented “I might even get some new socks for the occasion!”


Musical Magpies [4-6 years]

‘Musical Magpies’ is designed especially for the imaginative and exploring minds of preschoolers and junior infants, encouraging them to become confident singers and eager music makers. This class is a little more game based as we discover things together. Again, we work with the elementary building blocks of pitch and rhythm, with use of songs, games, movement and oodles of fun. During the classes, we collect little gems of songs and learn all about the magic of music and the riches of groovy rhythms, like little musical magpies. Contact me if interested.



Me & You Music is now running music classes specially designed for Montessori Nurseries and Creches. The classes are tailored for different age groups (0-5) and designed with the pre-school child at the centre, giving them a real chance to explore music. The classes can run for blocks of 4 to 6 weeks or as once-off workshops for special occasions. Material for the teachers will be provided to keep the songs going after the visits.


Special Needs [children and adults]

I also facilitate music workshops tailored for people with special needs, both adults and children. I have been working with groups and one-on-one for several years and have plenty of experience in this field. I take great joy from this work, every group and every person has its unique character with it’s own brilliant voice (whether vocal or not). It is a pleasure to give these people the opportunity to express and listen to what they musically have to say.

“One does not need to have any formal knowledge of music – nor, indeed, to be particularly ‘musical’ to – enjoy music and respond to it at the deepest level” (Oliver Sacks ‘Musicophilia’)

As a form of art, ‘music’ is the most direct, people quickly respond to it and make it their own in no time. The aim of the workshops is purely that of making music. The workshops are soulful and playful and open up the floor to anyone who wants to get serious about music, explore their musical roots, celebrate the rhythm of life or just tap into the pure enjoyment that music can bring.

During the workshops the focus is on creativity, communication, meaningful engagement and self-expression. I wish to give the participants the opportunity to engage in a creative process that stimulates both a sense of identity and also a sense of belonging to a group; and by doing so bringing people out of themselves and their daily routines.


  • Baby & Toddler Classes
  • Dublin 18
  • Belarmine Community Centre, Stepaside
  • Every Friday
  • Weekly Baby & Toddler classes
  • Baby & Toddler Classes
  • Workshops
  • Lexicon Library
  • Selected Wednesdays @10.30
  • Rhtyhm & Rhyme – Todller Time


Types of Past Workshops

Apart from the weekly classes Mischa has facilitated a wide range of imaginative workshops with lots of room for active music making and participation.

‘Exploring Sound & Music’  – a workshop for 2-4 yr olds specifically designed for curious and eager minds of toddlers.

‘Song of our School’ – a found sound & song writing project with primary school children, in collaboration with artist Caroline Byrne.

‘Socks puppets & Joyful Songs’ – a musical journey of finding our lost socks (sock puppets) with songs guiding us along the way and a big sing-along sock puppet party at the end.

‘Seasonal workshops’ – toddler music workshops in libraries with themes like, spring, Easter, Christmas.

‘Monthly music appreciation’ as part of the creative team in Glenone Montessori.

Me & You Music has performed workshops all over Dublin:

• RTE’s children’s program Hubble and RTE’s Junior website
• ARK Dublin’s Cultural Centre for Children
• Draíocht Arts Centre (Blanchardstown)
• RUA RED Art centre TallaghtGlenone Montessori, Rathgar
• Epic The Irish Emigration Museum

Schools: Ballinteer Educate Together, Dundrum & Kindergarten in St Kilian’s School, Clonskeagh
Montessori’s: Glenone Montessori, Rathgar (past 14 years). Seasonal workshops in Bloomfield Childcare & Montessori, Donnybrook and Carewell Montessori, Ballinteer.
Art Festivals: Alternative Entertainments Children’s Art Festivals & Book week Lucan Library
Libraries numerous workshops in South Dublin: Tallaght, Ballyroan, Maynooth, Lucan, Leixslip, Cellbridge and Clondalkin. 

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