Dublin 18 – Fridays in Belarmine/Stepaside

Belarmine Community Centre, Belarmine Plaza, Stepaside, Dublin 18

‘Sing your socks off’ for Toddlers age 14 months – 4 years
Fridays @10 am (duration 50 mins)

‘Musical Babies’ for Babies age 4-15 months
Fridays @ 11am (duration 40 mins) – Time for tea & chat after.

Upcoming Term Dates: February 23rd – March 22nd. 
No classes on March 29th / April 5th – Classes will then continue after the Easter break up until the summer break.

Term price: €57.50 for the 5 term classe
€13.50 per drop-in/trial class (providing space available)
Siblings half price.

*Contact me to book a place / you can join mid-term or part-term : // 087-7799014


Dun Laoghaire – Lexicon Library

‘Rhythm and Rhyme’ Toddler Time – Wednesday @ 10.30am
Dates: Feb. 21st, March 6th, April 3rd and May 1st
No booking required – workshops run by the library itself.

What happens during the classes:

Each term takes your child on a muscial adventure full of interactive songs and fun activities to discover together.

All classes are tailored for the different age groups and designed with the child at the centre,
ready to delve into a world of music.

Goal: “Overall I hope to cultivate a love for making music and make singing part of everyday life. When I started my classes several years ago my main goal was to pass on songs to parents and inspire children simply just to sing their hearts out every day … hence I called the initial classes ‘Sing your Socks off’…”.

In a nutshell: During the classes/ workshops Mischa will bring the children on a lively and exciting musical journey full of songs, instruments, dance and stories. The children are gradually introduced to more challenging songs, rhythms and games, that continue to gently encourage their musical abilities and understanding, while developing their musical ear and their confidence in making music.

What we do: Stamping feet, wiggling fingers, clapping hands, tapping knees, cliquing tongues, humming tunes, … so many sounds we can make together. Dancing with friends, hiding under scarves, getting rocked, bouncing and swaying … so many ways to move our bodies to music.

Real Instruments: Playing instruments is a big part of making music together, during the classes there are various instruments to explore: maraca shakers, rhythm sticks, wrist bells, tambourines, drums of different sizes, African percussion instruments and pitched instruments like bells and chime bars for more melodic work.

Singing: The classes encourage an awareness of melody and develop an ear for pitch. Children naturally sing as they develop their speech, using their voice as their first musical instrument, and what a brilliant and unique instrument it is!

But there’s more (than meets the eye/ear): When making music – whether singing, playing or active listening -different parts of the brain are stimulated and meaningful connections are made throughout the entire brain. Music instills much more than the ability to sing in tune or play a rhtyhm, music stimulates speech & language development, cognition, concentration, motor skills (fine and gross), it encourages self-confidense, social skills and imagination. Imagine how great this is for a growing child.


“L. and I thank you very much for a wonderful year of singing and music. Lucy now requests music on the radio or will start singing spontaneously when out walking or in the car!”

“Mischa’s classes is filled with sensory stimulation. Her materials are varied and unique and of high quality…She is an inspirational music teacher and we feel very privileged to attend her classes.”

Dad’s account on his 8-month old: “He’s still buzzing by the time I get home in the evening every Monday.”

“R. and I have enjoyed your classes so much since he was a baby…Your music helped him grow and blossom, as well as feel and communicate in the universal language. As for me, I had as much fun as any toddlers in your class.”

“Me and You Music has been the perfect fit for my three year old to help bring out his interest in music and sound in a caring and gentle environment. Singing has definitely helped with his language development”

“O absolutely loves the class, as E. did before him.  And their love of music comes home with them too.  They both love doing the songs and they are always expanding their repertoire of dance moves!!  The relaxed atmosphere of the class is perfect, and your belief in the benefits of music is evident!  It is an extremely beneficial and enjoyable class. Thank you.”

“Each class has a wonderful combination of unique songs, lovely musical instruments, and themes. My daughter calls all the songs we learn ‘Mischa’s songs’ whenever we sing them at home.”